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Where am I?
Car Care Made Easy is a one man mission to make your motoring life a little bit easier. If you want to get better under the bonnet, you're in the right place.



Show Me Tell Me
Check out our Show Me Tell Me app for learners
Your guide to the 19 vehicle safety questions that form part of the pratical driving test. Available for iOS Read

Read a review of my book over at Simple Motoring


10 Ways to spot an accident damaged car How to spot accident damage
Buying a used car can be tricky, so with that in mind I've put together some useful tips to help you avoid buying a banger.
MOT myths Five MOT Myths
There are a few urban myths floating around when it comes to MOTs. Let's clear a few of them up for good.
75 Point MOT checklist 75 Point MOT Checklist
An expanded version of the 15 point pre MOT checklist. Here are 75 things to tick off if you want to be extra thorough!



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