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  Autoglym Car Glass Polish Review

4 Stars REVIEW DATE 25/05/2013

Leaves glass crystal clear, no streaking like other glass cleaners

Powdery residue is annoying when you’ve just cleaned the car, marks rubber window seals if you’re not careful, hard to get out of stone chips.



If you’re fed up with household glass cleaners leaving a streaky mess and their spray pattern nozzles covering the paintwork you’ve just cleaned, this could be just what you’re looking for.
Autoglym glass polish definitely brings the glass up to a great shine and helps remove those stubborn contaminates.

You do have to wait for it to dry, but if you work your way around the car, by the time you get back to the start it’s ready to take off. The only real downside is the white dusty powder created as you remove it. This was especially noticeable on the black car I just tried it on. It’s slightly soul destroying when you’ve spent an afternoon buffing the car up and this is one of your final cleaning steps, hence the loss of a star. You could possibly reduce the residue by applying less product as it’s easy to get carried away.

TIPS: Avoid untreated stone chips in the windscreen – it fills them with white residue. Mask off any window and door rubbers that you might run over.

Autoglym Car Glass Polish

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