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  Autoglym Clean Wheels Review

2.5 Stars REVIEW DATE 21/05/2013

Nothing stands out

Trigger doesn’t seem up to the job. Doesn’t work as well as expected, especially for Autoglym.


I always seem to use a lot to get any results, so a 500ml bottle doesn’t last long. The spray pattern is narrow so you end up using even more and need to pump the trigger a lot. This brings about another problem – as the trigger becomes slow to return and draws less and less from the bottle. In my case, this is the third bottle over a few years that this has happened too.

The liquid needs to be worked with a good wheel brush straight after application and second applications often seem to be needed. For Autoglym, this feels like a bit of a let down and is certainly the weakest product of theirs that I have used.

TIPS: Do one wheel at a time or the liquid evaporates having not done much in the way of cleaning.        

Autoglym Clean Wheels

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