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  Brake Fluid Tester Review

4.5 Stars REVIEW DATE 10/06/2013

A great way to know if you need to change your brake fluid

Can only tell you about water content, not potential contamination that would be cause for a fluid change too.



It's always tricky to know when to replace brake fluid, apart from sticking religiously to the manufacturer recommendations. But that won't help if you've bought a second hand car and the history is patchy for instance.

This little gadget will both keep you safe by telling you when your brake fluid needs changing and save you money by not changing it unnecessarily.

I tested it on a six month old car and anecdotally, just to check accuracy at extreme ends of the spectrum, a previously unopened bottle of brake fluid and then a glass of water. Interestingly, the new, sealed bottle of fluid did show some moisture. However it’s hard to know if that is down to the accuracy of the device or the fact the bottle had been in the back of my garage for a few months.

TIP: Remove the battery from the tester if you’re not going to use it that often.

Brake Fluid Tester

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