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  Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling Clay Bars

4 Stars - In the fast lane REVIEW DATE 06/04/2013

Picks up those nasty contaminates you’d otherwise be rubbing in to the paint.

Left a milky residue across the car so it had to be washed again before polishing.


This was my first experience of clay bars but won’t be my last. It does take time and dedication to do a whole car, so I can’t see it happening more than twice a year.

It’s surprising just how much dirt the clay picks up, even when you think you’ve cleaned the car within an inch of it’s life. The yellow clay helps show the dirt being picked up and it’s not long before you need to fold the dirty bit over to reveal a fresh patch. I now consider it an essential step prior to polishing, to prevent contaminates being ground into the paint.

The instructions recommended breaking off a piece one third the size of the whole bar. This is approximately the size of two toothbrush heads, hence why it takes some time to get around the car. It’s also easy to drop (or I just had butter-fingers on the day) which leaves you no option but to throw that bit away. That’s not a criticism of Dodo Juice, but a risk you would run with all clay bars.

I used the clay bars in conjunction with Autoglym Rapid Detailer rather than water but you can just leave the car wet after a wash if you prefer. I chose to dry the car off first because I live in a hard water area and there was no way I could get round it all before it had dried and left those lovely white hard water spots.

Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling Clay Bars

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