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  Halfords Advance Alloy Wheel Spoke Brush Review

3 Stars REVIEW DATE 21/04/2013

Cleans between spokes well, looped end helps prevent scratching

Too easy to bend where brush meets the handle. Internal uncoated wire has potential to do damage if you’re not careful.


Wheel brushes are ideal for removing brake dust from between those fiddly spokes of a wheel. This one has a looped end which can help prevent scratching and is ideal for popping over the tyre valve to clean around it.
However you still need to be careful of the bare wire inside contacting the surface of the alloy, which becomes more exposed over time as the bristles go flat.

Vigorous scrubbing can cause the brush to bend by the handle. After a few uses, the wire feels weaker and some of the bristles are quite flat with no sign of recovery between washes; it definitely won’t last forever.


Autoglym Hi-Tech Wheel Brush

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