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  Ring Automotive RAC900 Heavy Duty Air Compressor

4.5 Stars REVIEW DATE 18/10/2012

Feels solid, better than cheaper alternatives, coiled airline is very handy.

Gets hot. Can’t be connected to the cigarette lighter.


This has none of the flimsy decorative plastic of others; it looks like a mini air compressor and packs some weight to go with it.

Able to inflate a flat tyre in 90 seconds unlike many others which can take closer to 90 days (if they get there at all). The valve connecter is a screw on type, so it won’t pop off once attached and the coiled yellow airline means you can work your way around the car without needing to move the compressor. To power it, the two crocodile clips need to be attached to the battery which may or may not be a pain, depending on your car. Once running, the compressor is relatively quiet and unlikely to upset the neighbours.

If you can afford it, I’d say it’s worth the extra investment in the long run and is especially suited to vans or 4x4s where the tyres need inflating to a higher pressure than the average car tyre.

TIPS: Give it time cool off before you pack it away, especially if you’ve done all four tyres, as it does get hot. I would recommend running it with your engine on, as I suspect the draw on the battery would be fairly substantial otherwise.

Ring Automotive RAC900 Heavy Duty Air Compressor

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