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  Turtle Wax Zip Wax Wash and Wax Review

REVIEW DATE 21/05/2013

Good value, streak free shine

None really



A little goes along way so don’t buy 5 litres unless you clean cars for a living. The 500ml + 100% extra free sized bottle claims to be enough for up to 60 washes, and I’d be inclined to believe them. That means even if you wash your car once a week, a year’s supply can be had for less than a fiver. One capful does the trick and it’s more bubbly than a mint aero.

TIPS: Using the cap to measure out ‘a capful’ as suggested makes a mess when you put the cap back on unless you rinse it first, which I didn't.

Turtle Wax Zipwax Wash and Wax

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