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  About this site, my book and me

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Alex and I drink far too much coffee than is healthy. My first word was 'car' and that pretty much says it all really.

What's it all about?

I had the idea for the book back in 2004 when I was (barely) studying for a degree and spending the weekends paying for my beer at a well known motor spares chain. I realised how many people had basic car care questions that they were just afraid to ask.

Many would ask for a book that covered the basics but all we stocked were good old fashioned black and white workshop manuals. Great if you already have a reasonable understanding of car mechanics and the right tools to go with it. Not so great if you just want a bit of help checking your oil. That gave me the idea for the book, but it took me another few years to do something about it...

Why do you do it?

The book is my contribution to the literary world alongside Shakespeare, Hemingway, Wayne Rooney and Katie Price.


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