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  Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover review

4.5 Stars - In the fast lane REVIEW DATE 06/04/2013

Can’t be faulted for cutting through heavy grime. One of the best car cleaning products for a fiver.

Trying to squirt it directly on to bodywork like door shuts leads to significant waste; it needs a spray trigger.


Cuts through grime with ease – no elbow grease required! I recently used it to clean the door shuts of a family member’s car that receives only an annual wash (at best) and the door shuts looked like they hadn’t been cleaned since it left the factory. It did a great job but did take nearly a whole bottle* which made for an expensive (but entirely necessary) car clean.

It seems to work best if applied directly to the car rather than a cloth but this can be wasteful due to bottle design if the area is hard to reach. With a spray trigger I might still have a third of a bottle left so it loses half a star for poor packaging. My advice would be to head to your local garden centre and buy a plant spray bottle for 99p and tip the contents in.

*It won’t take so much if your car is cleaned more regularly!

Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

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