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I've made a DVD!

This year's biggest blockbuster that you haven't heard of yet...

'Car Care for Learners' - The Best Way to Learn Basic Maintenance.

Includes a full colour 'Show Me, Tell Me' Q&A booklet.

'So good, a BAFTA would be an insult'. May Dup - The Daily Deceiver.

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  Car Care Made Easy - The Ultimate Glovebox Companion

The Marketing Blurb:

Packed full of useful information, hints and tips, Car Care Made Easy is your guide to being better under the bonnet. Inside you’ll find invaluable background knowledge, advice on what to buy and easy to follow step-by-step guides taking you through the simple checks that will keep your car in tip-top condition. Ideal for learners or experienced drivers, Car Care Made Easy is the ultimate glovebox companion.

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10 reasons why I think it's good: (absolutely unbiased I promise)

  1. Building your knowledge from the ground up. You need no prior knowledge of car care whatsoever, even down to opening the bonnet.

  2. Easy to follow: Every section is laid out in a similar way; 'Background info' (why oil is important etc), 'What to buy' (what is a 10W40 oil anyway?), 'How to check it' (where's my dipstick) and finally, 'How to top-up' (where does the oil go and how much should I put in?)
    Breaking the book down this way also means it's easy to skip to the bit you want if you just need a quick recap at some point.

  3. Format: It is small enough to fit in your glovebox so you can keep it in the car where it's supposed to be rather than gathering dust on a bookshelf.
    It's also spiral (wire bound) so when you're following the step-by-step guides you can lay it flat without it snapping shut. That way you have both hands free for the job.

  4. Step-by-step: Every step has a short description and a picture to go with it, so you can see exactly what you need to do at a glance. Nothing is skipped over.

  5. No Jargon: Some car care books for 'beginners' are littered with mechanic speak, which seems to defeat the point. In Car Care Made Easy, jargon has either been banished or clearly explained where necessary.

  6. No Spanners: You don't need the toolkit of a hobbyist mechanic to do anything described within the book. In fact the only tools you need are for changing a wheel and with any luck you already have those in the boot of your car.

  7. No nonsense: The book gives you everything you need to know and nothing that you don't. It also sticks to what it says on the tin; car care. So you won't find any filler subjects such as 'how to buy insurance'. I'll save that job for the meerkat and the opera singer.

  8. It could save you money: If your engine blows into a million bits because you weren't sure how to check the oil, I guarantee you that will cost a hundred times more than this little book.

  9. Unique features: How about a place in the book where you can write down things like what type of oil your car uses or the size of the tyres. That way you'll always have the info you need without having to ask that spotty teenager in Halfords again. (That was me once upon a time.)
    There's also a page at the back to keep track of the dates for servicing, road tax, insurance renewal and the MOT.

  10. It's the Ultimate Glovebox Companion: See points 1-9

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