Car Care for Learners DVD
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Car Care for Learners also includes a full colour 'Show Me, Tell Me' Q&A booklet.

As well as covering all the questions you may be asked on your practical test, it includes handy top-tips to make your motoring life that bit easier.


Car Care for Learners - Show Me, Tell Me



  Car Care for Learners [DVD]

The Marketing Blurb:

From the author of Car Care Made Easy, the Car Care for Learners DVD builds your knowledge from the ground up, with no prior understanding of car maintenance required, even opening the bonnet.

Step-by-step guides take you through the simple checks that will keep you safe, save you money and keep your car in tip-top condition.

To complement the videos, a full colour guide is included that covers the official Show Me, Tell Me questions that form part of the practical driving test.

Car Care for Learners is the ideal way to learn the basic maintenance that will help you pass your driving test and begin your motoring journey.


Car Care for Learners DVD


Buy both for £6.97including postage.


DVD £8.97 includes free postage and envelope

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