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  G3 Professional Scratch Remover by Farecla

4 Stars - In the fast lane REVIEW DATE 03/06/2013

G3 Scratch Remover seems to split opinion in reviews on Amazon, ranging from 5 star to 1 star. Here are my thoughts on the product and why I think the reviews are so mixed.

G3 Scratch Remover: they should have called it Marmite.

I've used plenty or scratch removers (T-Cut, Meguiars Scratch X, etc) and this has been the most effective I've tried to date.

I work in the fleet industry and often need to remove superficial scratches before sending cars back to the leasing companies; ring or key marks around driver's door handles, scuffing on rear bumpers from loading and unloading the boot, that sort of thing. Not only does G3 do this, but it's also tackled much heavier scratches that I wouldn't necessarily expect it to remove.


Part of the reason for the high number of 1 Star ratings on Amazon seems to be a lack of understanding what constitutes a `minor scratch'. The general rule is that if you can get a thumbnail in the groove of the scratch, it won't polish out. Just because a scratch is small in length, doesn't mean it isn't deep.

Scratches will buff out when the marking is in the lacquer coat, if the scratch goes through the lacquer to the paint (or back to the metal), it's not coming out with polish.

As for those that said G3 left more swirl and scratch marks in the paint that it took out; I wonder how well they cleaned the area off first, or did they just rub dirt and contaminates into the paint with the compound as they tried to polish out the scratch? Alternatively, if they used a fibrous and scratchy material like kitchen roll to rub in the G3, then of course it will create swirl marks; a soft cloth is essential.

G3 make their own Waffle Pads which they suggest you use for the best results but I haven't tried these and to be honest, a soft cloth seemed to work just fine.

There are comments about it feeling gritty when you first apply it and this is true, it does. It made me a bit nervous the first time I used it, fearing what I might find when I took the cloth away. However the grittiness does go away, exactly as the bottle describes `diminishing abrasive particles break down and reduce in size as you reduce the scratch'. This gritty feeling is not the compound adding scratches to your paint!

Finally, the criticisms about it leaving the paint finish dull are slightly unfair. G3 is a scratch removing compound, that takes away a thin layer of lacquer in order to remove a scratch. It will always leave a dull finish that needs to be brought back to a shine with a polish. Hence why on the back of the bottle, Scratch Remover is `Stage 2' and `Stage 3' is called `Enhance'.

So in conclusion, as long as you're not expecting a miracle in a bottle, you won't be disappointed. If you understand that only scratches to the lacquer can be buffed and you prepare the car using the correct materials, you'll be very pleased with how G3 Scratch Remover performs. If you're expecting it to polish out the trolley dents in your front wing, you'll be sadly disappointed.

G3 Professional Scratch Remover

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