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  Does Night Before De-Icer work?

2 stars REVIEW DATE 21/01/2013

Ice seems a little easier to shift.

Ice still forms so you still need to de-ice.

Car Care Made Easy investigates the mysterious world of 'The Night Before De-Icer'.

Night before de-icer

Here at Car Care Made Easy, I aim to solve some of life’s most curious motoring conundrums. One such poser has reared its ugly head in these cold mid-month January days: how best to tackle ye olde frosted windscreen of early morn time.

Some options spring to mind:

  1. A can of de-icer. (It sometimes takes a whole can too.)
  2. The trusty ice scraper and some good old fashioned elbow grease. (Leaning over the car makes my clothes dirty.)
  3. Covering the screen in newspaper. (I’ve never tried that, seems like a pain.)
  4. Parking the car in the garage. (Unfinished project car inhabiting that space.)
  5. Use the heated windscreen your car came with. (My old nail lacks such modern embellishments)
  6. Pour hot water over the screen. (Call Gavin from Autoglass to replace cracked screen.)

However, a further option exists, and before anyone jumps on me, I know it’s not new, but it is something I haven’t tried due to significant scepticism about its ability to perform as intended. Welcome to the mysterious world of the ‘night before de-icer’.

The idea is simple, you spray a coat onto your screen and leave it be. In the morning you return to find Jack Frost has bypassed your windscreen and you go merrily on your way without delay or inconvenience. So the theory goes.

Despite my scepticism and unwillingness to waste three pound notes finding out what I suspected to be true all along, I paid up. (In the interest of helping you, my fellow motorist – please click the banners so I can get my money back.)

And the results? Does it work?

Well today is my third day of using it and so far I would score it a ‘YES and NO’ out of ten.

Ice still forms on the screen but it would appear less heavily and on top of the layer of magic liquid you’ve sprayed on the night before. When I realised this, I half expected that a merest flick of the wipers would clear the screen but sadly it was not to be. Instead I had to resort to a trusty can of ‘surely this can’t be good for the environment when is smells this bad’ de-icer. So that’s the NO, it doesn’t work part.

Where I hesitate to write it off completely, is that I felt I used less normal de-icer than usual to clear the screen and the ice seemed to disappear with greater ease. That’s the ‘YES’, maybe it sort of works, part. But is there really any point in buying the night before de-icer when you’re still going to need the normal stuff anyway? Just buy two cans of de-icer and bust a quick chop-suey on ol’ jack frost with one in each hand.

A caveat of this investigation, is that my observations and gut feelings are on the wilder side of wildly unscientific; I have no idea about temperature variations over the different days or the volume of de-icer used on each occasion. In fact, I may not have read the instructions properly.
All I know is this; my can of de-icer is now empty and I’ll be needing another because, sadly, night before de-icer alone just isn't going to cut it.

Oh, and you owe me three quid.




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