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  Vega Reversing Camera Review

4 Stars - In the fast lane REVIEW DATE 30/01/2012

A decent bit of kit that's well made throughout. Easy to install and good value for money

Does cost a little more than some alternatives.


Lookout behind you!

This kit was fitted to a Mercedes Sprinter based Luton van with the camera fitted to the top part of the box above the roller shutter. The cable that runs between the camera is so long it could easily do a bus or coach. Only downside in the kit I was supplied is the glass that covers the camera was cracked down the middle in front of the lens, however I didn't have time to return it and because the glass is so close to the lens, it is barely visible on the screen.

One big plus point is that you only need to run one power cable to a splitter box, that is then fed to the camera and monitor via the supplied cables - a great time saver. My only slight concern would be finding a replacement cable if the old one failed for some reason - unless I am mistaken, it is unique to this kit. I certainly haven't come across it before.

The monitor is a reasonable resolution and the controls are easy to use. The image can be set back to front or upside down, allowing you to position it and set it up however you please. There is also a second input, so you could plug in another camera, or DVD player if you wished. It has a small built in sun shield, but I can't comment on the effectiveness due to a lack of sun. Gut feeling would be that it probably doesn't shroud the monitor enough to do much. The screen itself however, is of the more non-reflective type.

The mount for the monitor has a sticky pad on the base, but it isn't really up to the job, especially if the dash has any curvature. Thankfully, the base is a thin flexible metal that can be bent into shape and there are four dimples on the feet that can be drilled out so the monitor can be screwed into the dash. (If you don't mind that!)

The camera gives a decent picture and provides a fairly wide angle without being overly distorted. The casing seems made well enough that it should survive British weather! It's rated at IP67, meaning it's dust tight (the highest protection level) and waterproof to a depth of one metre (one level down from the highest available rating).

One feature that I thought was a great idea when I bought the kit, was the ability to wire it up to the reverse light, so the monitor only switches on when reverse is engaged. Ironically, the instructions suggest you don't bother, as if you are going backwards and forwards to manoeuvre into a space, the monitor will be blinking on and off like a strobe light. On that basis I didn't bother wiring it up. It's a novel selling point for the kit, but actually you probably are better off without it.

So there you go, a decent bit of kit that is well made throughout, easy to install and very good value for money even if it does cost a little more than some others.

7 inch TFT color monitor + Color Camera IP67 including 20 meter connection cable (12-24 Volt)

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